Verizon Retail


From 2012 to 2016, I led a team that created content for every screen in Verizon's new high tech destination stores, and over 3000 retail locations including executions for in-store demo apps, interactive feature walls, architectural video experiences, and digital signage.


The weekly video deliverables for this mammoth project were inconceivable for such a small team; ranging for 20-80 videos per week, in different formats and sizes. In order to deliver content at this volume, we created new scripts, expressions, and workflows in After Effects. 


When Verizon rebranded in 2015, I set the brand guidelines for animation and motion graphics that were carried through across the entire network.


Agency: AKQA
Associate Director, Film and Motion Graphics – Bienvenido Cruz
Senior Motion Graphics Designer – LungYi Lin
Motion Graphics Designer – Juwan Lim
Associate Motion Graphics Designer – Chris Jung
Associate Motion Graphics Designer – Noel Anderson

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