Elvis Presley: Love Me Tender (Viva Elvis)


Official music video for Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender. It’s the second single from the 2010 album, Viva Elvis.



Extensive motion tracking was implemented to digitally replace billboards and signage to add images of Elvis into the existing environment.

This is the US version of the video. There are eight other versions of this video with minor graphics changes for each of the vocalists from selected to sing the duet with Elvis for their respective markets. There is also another version for the general international market.


Viral Extension:

The video was pitched with an online viral extension: an opportunity for an accompanying website where registered users can submit photos of “I Love You” graffiti from their own city and send them to other people. The recipients would have to register to receive and send their own messages as well.



Song Title: Love Me Tender (Remix)
Artist: Elvis Presley
Total Run Time: 3:45

Album: Viva Elvis (2010)
Record Label: RCA/Legacy


Directed by
Bienvenido Cruz


Executive Producer: Alan Weinrib
Producer: Kim Jackson
Producer (Toronto Unit): Marc Milliard
Producer (Vancouver Unit): Sarah Tesla
Production Company: Resistor Art & Design


Director of Photography: Todd M Duym


Wardrobe Stylist: Toyo Tsuchiya at Judy Inc.
Hair and Make-up (Toronto Unit): Jessica Steblyk at Judy Inc.
Hair and Make-up (Vancouver Unit): Tamar Ouziel at Judy Inc.


Editor: Jason C Myers


Girl: Danielle Knudson at Sutherland Models
Boy: Thomas Lamb at Richard’s Model Management