The Atrium Wall

Feature content for the 40′ tall main atrium LED wall in Verizon’s new Chicago flagship store.


We worked with Moment Factory and our internal team at AKQA to create the content for the 40′ tall main atrium LED wall in Verizon's new Chicago flagship store.


The main film – show in situ, above – was created by Moment Factory under creative direction by AKQA.


Additionally, the team at AKQA worked with The Chicago History Museum and Shotopop to create five featurettes called Stories of Innovation. Each featurette focused on a different aspect of Chicago’s history and their ties to innovation.


Agency: AKQA
Associate Director, Film and Motion Graphics – Bienvenido Cruz
Senior Motion Graphics Designer – LungYi Lin
Motion Graphics Designer – Juwan Lim
Associate Motion Graphics Designer – Chris Jung
Associate Motion Graphics Designer – Noel Anderson

© Copyright 2021 Bienvenido Cruz. 

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