Bunker House


I was asked to design a concept for a secluded summer home by a private client. Although I had no topographic maps or even a specific location to start my design, I was told that the property the house is to be built on combines rolling hills overlooking a lake. It was a blue sky brief in which the only requirements were the a maximum construction budget, number of bedrooms, water feature, and emphasis on a panoramic view.

The cantilevered design sits on the edge of a hill. The approach to the house conceals the modern minimalist design of the main residence. The The entire structure is really only revealed when viewed from the lake it overlooks, or from hills further in the distance. The house echoes the environment around it, while also emerging from it, contrasting the earth tones and greenery with the striking white and glass exterior.

Upon entry, we find ourselves on a lofted second floor that opens into a massive 30' tall open space enclosed by a South-facing glass wall. Stairs lead downward into the main great hall and living area and open kitchen. Outside is the sun deck and lap pool. A hallway leading into the hillside leads to the main living quarters.